Virat Kohli Biography: Facts, Childhood, Family, Business, Wikipedia, Birth Place

This blog is completely dedicated to Virat Kohli Biography. Virat Kohli is a famous Indian cricketer. He is basically famous for his role during 2011 world cup winning Indian team. He is considered among the top international cricket players in ODI, test and IPL.

When it comes to knowing about Viral Kohli, you need to read Virat Kohli biography. You need to know who Virat Kohli is. When you know about the Virat Kohli bio data, you can easily know about his height in feet, birth place, and other details.

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Here, you are going to unveil biography of Virat Kohli, wiki, family, wife, net worth, and his role for Indian cricket.

Who Is Virat Kohli?

If you want to grab answer to the most asked question i.e. “who is Virat Kohli”, you need to read his biography. Actually, Virat Kohli was born on November 5 in the year of 1988 in Delhi, capital city of India. He is presently about 33 year old. His sun sign is Scorpio. Pet name or nick name of Virat Kohli is Chikoo or Cheeku.

When it comes to knowing about the father and mother of Virat Kohli, you need to go through the biography of Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli’s father name is Prem Kohli who is a criminal lawyer by profession. His mother is a housewife. Virat Kohli has two siblings i.e. Bhavna his elder sister and eldest brother called Vikash Kohli. So, it’s all about the family of Virat Kohli.

Now, come to the schooling or education of Virat Kohli, he completed his schooling from famous Vishal Bharti public school in Delhi. Since Kohli had keen interest in cricket, his father enrolled him in local cricket academy in Delhi.

Virat Kohli Biography – How Virat Became the Best Cricketer

Obviously, fans of Virat Kohli want to know about how he became the best international cricketer. That’s why we decided to throw light on his early and top cricket career. As already mentioned above that his father enrolled him in a local Delhi-based cricket academy, he started playing for state during his school days.

Having successfully performed in national level of cricket, Virat decided to play for international cricket. That’s why he got selected in Indian national cricket team. One of the greatest achievements of Virat Kohli was when he won the under-19 cricket world cup in the year of 2008. The under-19 cricket world cup was held in Malaysia.

Later he played for Indian Premier League (IPL). He performed great for his team Royal Challengers. He is known among the highest paid crickets for IPL.

Later, Virat Kohli achieved great success when he won World Cup in the year of 2011. It was the second time after 1989 when India won the World Cup. The captain of the cricket team was Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most famous international cricketers.

Biography of Virat Kohli – Investment and Ventures

Apart from cricket, Virat Kohli has keen interest in football. That’s why he bought FC Goa Franchise of famous ISL (Indian Super League). He also invested his money into various small startups and ventures related to sports.

When it comes to knowing the net worth of Virat, there is no official data available for the same. But it’s estimated that he has 200 carore of net worth.

Additional Information about Virat Kohli

When you start digging about the Virat Kohli bio data, you would surely like to know about the Virat Kohli height in feet. Virat kohli is 5 feet and 10 inches taller.

When it comes to unveiling the Virat Kohli birth place, you need to know that its’ Delhi. Since he born and brought up in Delhi, it’s his birth place.

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