Rohit Sharma Biography: Height, Birth place, Net Worth, Wikipedia and Family

The Rohit Sharma Biography is filled with his achievements in cricket. This star cricketer was born in Nagpur, India, and grew up in the city with his parents. His parents were not well off and Rohit spent most of his time with relatives. He only visited them on weekends and never played any cricket. This is what led him to pursue a career in cricket. In addition to his batting talent, Rohit has many other talents that are worth exploring.

Rohit Sharma Biography

His family background is relatively humble, though he has been successful in cricket. The Rohit Sharma biography tells us that he was born in a middle-class Hindu family and grew up in Nagpur. He has an older brother, Vishal, who studied Hotel Management in Florida. His father had a low-income and Rohit was raised by relatives. His father had to take up a full-time job and could only visit his family on weekends.

The Rohit Sharma biography reveals that he was a poor child but worked hard to get through his education. He studied at the London Business School and worked in the finance industry. He met his future wife, Ritika, at Borivali Sports Club, where he played football for the first time. His commitment to his new bride was enough to get her married. They have been married for four years.

Rohit Sharma Biography

During his early days, Rohit Sharma was interested in cricket. His uncle got him admitted to a cricket academy after seeing his keen interest in the game. The relationship between the two was an instant success and Rohit Sharma has been regarded as a highly respected international player. But what made his relationship with his wife and his children so special? It’s no surprise that he married Ritika Sajdeh, who was born on 21 December 1987.

The Rohit Sharma biography provides an insight into his career, awards, and philanthropy. His passion for cricket and his philanthropic endeavors have earned him international recognition. He has been named as the official Rhino ambassador of WWF-India and is an active member of PETA.

Besides being an excellent cricketer, he is also an active member of the community. He has become a famous role model in his hometown, which he tries to spread awareness about the welfare of stray animals.

Despite being a star in the cricket world, Rohit Sharma’s family was poor. He grew up with his grandparents in Borivali, but was unable to afford a proper school. His father, who was a poor farmer, had to rely on his uncle’s meager income. Hence, the family was very poor, and Rohit was a member of the school’s student council.

Apart from cricket, Rohit Sharma is also an active member of several organizations. He supports the PETA campaign against circuses, and has even become the brand ambassador of La Liga in India. He is also an avid football fan. He is a passionate animal lover and likes to travel and has a number of admirers. Unlike other cricket players, his motivation is a cause for celebration, a charity event, a charity fundraiser, and a lot more.

His childhood was not easy, but it was important to be determined. At the age of 12, Rohit Sharma decided to quit his studies and focus on cricket. He was coached by Dinesh Lad, who had no coaching fee and gave Rohit the chance to attend high-profile cricket matches. While his parents were not wealthy, they were able to support him and his mother. The Sharma family is rich today, but he is still in a low-income position.

Despite his limited playing time, he has done well in the field. His debut came in 2005 for the West Zone and the Deodhar Trophy. His next big tournament was the Ranji Trophy in Mumbai and was a major success.

This year, Rohit Sharma was chosen as the ambassador for the WWF. He also became the first man to score 250 runs in a single day. He has scored hundreds in T20 cricket for the Indian team and has a record of 9115 international runs.

Rohit Sharma was a member of the Indian team in the 2007 ICC World Twenty20. He was also the captain of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League and is a vice-captain of the Indian cricket team. His wife Ritika Sajdeh is Rohit Sharma’s best friend and her professional partner. She is a pillar of strength for the couple, and she is an important part of his life.

Who Is Rohit Sharma?

Rohit Sharma is an Indian cricketer who plays for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. He also represents Mumbai in domestic cricket and is the captain of the team. He is a right-handed batsman and occasionally bowls off-breaks. He has also appeared in numerous movies and television shows. He has an excellent record as an off-break bowler and has won several awards for his skills.

A versatile cricketer, Rohit Sharma has been a fixture of the Indian team since 2007. In the domestic first-class circuit, he has made several century-scorers including India and Pakistan. He is currently the highest run-scorer in the Mumbai franchise behind Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli.

He made his international debut against Ireland in Belfast in 2007, batting at number seven. However, he was left out of the team when India played the final against South Africa.

In one-day internationals, Sharma holds the world record for the highest score, 264 against Sri Lanka in Kolkata on 13 November 2014. He is also the only player to have scored three double centuries in ODIs. In Twenty20 cricket, Sharma holds the record for the highest total of runs in the format. In Tests, he became the first batsman to score two centuries. He also broke Shimron Hetmyer’s record for most sixes in a Test series.

Rohit Sharma Height In Feet

Rohit Sharma is a very popular cricketer from India. His full name is Rohit Gurunath Sharma. He was born on 21 Dec 1987 and grew up in Nagpur. He attended school at the Swami Vivekanand International School in Nagpur and went on to study at the Our Lady of Vailankanni High School. His height is 5.8 feet tall, which makes him 174 centimetres tall.

Rohit Sharma Birth Place

Rohit Sharma’s parents resided in Bansod, Nagpur, India, and raised him with their parents. He was only three years old when they moved to Borivali, a posh part of Mumbai. Later, Rohit earned several awards, including the Arjuna Award. His batting was praised by fellow cricketers and he even got a scholarship to study in Florida. His older brother, Vishal, went to the US to study hotel management.

Rohit Sharma Wikipedia

A biography of Rohit Sharma can be found on Wikiversity. He was born on 30 April 1987 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. In his first one-day international match against Australia, Sharma scored 171*. It is the highest score by a visiting batsman in the history of the IPL. The only other player to score four century and three double centuries in ODI format is David Warner, who scored 315 against Australia in 1979-80.

Rohit Sharma Networth

Rohit Sharma is the youngest cricketer in the world with a net worth of Rs 175 crores. He is one of the highest-paid cricketers in the country, earning over ten crores a year from his commercials and endorsement deals.

In addition to his regular salary, Sharma earns millions of rupees through TV ads and a host of other lucrative business ventures. While growing up in a middle-class family, Rohit Sharma’s ambitions led him to the top, and today his networth is in the same league as celebrities.

Age Of Rohit Sharma

In the Age of Rohit Sharma, he’s a great cricketer who has won the hearts of the fans across the globe. Born in Nagpur, India, Rohit started out his career as a good bowler and soon started to focus on his batting game. He went on to attend a reputed learning academy, but his financial condition wasn’t that good. That didn’t stop him though, and he continued to work hard to improve his batting skills.

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