Rakesh Tikait Biography – Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Know about Rakesh Tikait Biography. There is great buzz about politician Rakesh Tikait. The key reason behind his current popularity is that he is the face of existing farmer movement i.e. Kisan Andolan 2021. Due to his leadership in the movement, he is considered as the key player for this movement in India.

Rakesh Tikait

This is the main reason why people want to know about the biography of Rakesh Tikait, wiki, age, wife, family background, and net worth. Here, you are going to know everything about Rakesh Tikait, the kisan leader in India.

Who IS Rakesh Tikait?

Rakesh Tikait was born to famous politician Mahendra Singh Tikait. He was born on 4th of June, 1996. His birthplace is Sisauli village in Muzaffaarnagar, UP, India. Being the second son of famous politician and farmer leader Mahendra Singh Tikait, Rakesh always has keen interest in politics.

Presently, he is the leader of RJD party. He is basically serving as the prominent opposition leader in UP. Now, he is famous because of his participation in current farmer movement in India. He did great job in farmer protecting against the Kisan bill 2021. He wanted to insist government to withdraw the bill as farmers are opposing it.

Rakesh Tikait Net Worth

Rakesh Tikait Net Worth is $11 Million (Rs.80 Crore INR). Rakesh Tikait is a current spokesperson of BKU(Bharatiya Kisan Union) farmers organisation and he is a farmer leader. He became popular for his contribution in farmer’s protest in India.

Rakesh Tikait Wiki and Age

Rakesh Tikait was born in the year of 1969 to Mahendra Sing Tikait, the famous leader of Janda Party. His father Mahendra Singh Tikait along with prime minister Chaudhary Charan Singh played an important role in shaping the political atmosphere of India.

If you want to know more about the biography of Rakesh Tikait, you need to go through Wikipedia. By going through his wiki page, you can have an insight about his early life, career, family background and political status.

Rakesh Tikait Family, Wife and Children

Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait was the second son of Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tikait. He was born and brought up in Sisully in UP. He completed his post graduation in arts from a reputed university in UP. Later, he started working as a lawyer. Here, you also need to remember that he also served as police sub inspector.

Having performed different roles in his life, later he decided to become a politician. So, became the key leader of Bhartiya Kisan Union. Currently, his elder brother named Naresh Tikait is the president of the BKU.

Rakesh is married has four children. He never reveals much about his family. Here, you also need to remember that his family and children don’t participate in political activities.

What Is the Role of Rakesh Tikait in Current Farmer Movement in India?

India has witnessed great political controversies when government of India introduced the KISAN BILL. Actually, most of the farmer leaders claim that this bill is against the farmers. That’s why they decided to protest against the Kisan Bill of Indian Government. They decided to protest throughout the country.

Here, you also need to know that due to Kisan movement, most t of the farmers have to face different types of difficulties. Even various farmers killed during the protest. The black day of Indian history was when protestors reached to Red Fort and changed the country’s flag with a flashy flag.

When you read Rakesh Tikait biography, you will notice that Rakesh plays an important role in the movement of farmers. Here, you need to remember that there is much confusion about the current farmer bill. Actually, government has introduced this farmer bill to help farmers to get more benefits out of their crops. But the problem comes when most of the farmer unions decided to protest it. That’s why there is much roar about the same in India.

Is Rakesh Tikait a Threat to Country?

However, it’s true that Rakesh Tikait is from a reputed political family, but it doesn’t mean that he is doing everything good. The negative point about this role in current farmer protest in India is that there is lots of violence. Of course, due to violence, hundreds of farmers have to loss their life.

So, political experts claim that Rakesh Tikait could be a threat to national integrity. However, central government is still not taking any action against him. Actually, Government doesn’t want to annoy farmers. That’s why Rakesh Tikait is blackmailing government. He is trying to save political space for him in the name of farmer bill protest movement in India.

Final Words

Having gone through aforesaid biography of Rakesh Tikait, it can be said that he is not performing his duty well. He should at least try to talk to government. But he is trying to blackmail government.

Whatever could be the reason, but ignoring Rakesh Tikait at the moment is impossible for central government. That’s why government of India is trying to find out a solution to current farmer bill protest movement in India.

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