Bhuban Badyakar Biography

Bhuban Badyakar Biography, Bhuvan Badyakar is an Indian singer, internet personality, and peanut seller. Born in Kuralguri, Birbhum, he grew up in a rural town and still lives there with his wife and children. He aims to become a professional singer and wants to travel around the world. His childhood dream was to become a … Read more

Harnaj Kaur Sandhu Biography: Miss universe 2021, Height, Age, Education, Family

You must have heard about Harnaz Kaur Sandhu who has become Miss Universe 2021. She became Miss Universe after 20 years. In the year of 2020, Lara Dutta became the Miss Universe representing India in the prestigious competition. Having won the Miss India competition, Sandhu decided to participate in Miss Universe 2021. And the great … Read more