Jesus Christ Biography – Childhood, Life, Achievements

When it comes to knowing about the Jesus Christ biography, you will get surprised as there are various unknown facts about him that you probably don’t know. Jesus Christ was the main figure of Christianity. He is considered as the Son of God by his followers.

However, there are lots of controversies about his birth, family and father, but still you can find that Jesus was the main character of holy book bible. Do you want to know about Jesus Christ biography? If yes, then you should keep reading this post.

Here, you will know about Jesus Christ childhood, life, achievements, and who crucified Jesus. So, let’s keep reading it.

Jesus Christ Biography

There is much debate regarding his birth date and even place. But it’s true that he was born and brought in Modern Israel. He was a son of a carpenter. Here you also need to remember that his father Joseph was not his biological father, but a legal father.

Actually, his mother was virgin when he was born. According to followers and scholars of Christianity, Jesus Christ was a son of God. The spiritual spirit came to this world to have relationship with Mother Marry. However, it’s really difficult to prove anything scientifically, but it is a matter of belief.

Jesus Christ has various sisters and brothers. Obviously, it’s really difficult to know about the names of each brother and sister. The key reason behind this situation is that there are lots of differences between Old Testament and New Testament. So, when it comes to knowing about the life of Christ, you need to follow the path of his followers.  

Who Is Jesus Christ?

When you start thinking about Christianity, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of Jesus Christ. Actually, he is the prophet of this religion. Jesus was born in modern-day Jerusalem. He was born in the family of Joseph and Mariam. He you need to remember that Joseph was not his biological father. According to legend, Mariam was virgin. She got spiritual guidance when it comes to the birthing of Jesus Christ.

During his early life Jesus wanted to be a carpenter like his father. But later he was baptized by a prophet. And he became preacher and healer. He became very popular as a religious preacher and healer. He did various miracles in the name of healing people. Whether it is about giving life to a dead person or finding treatment for non-curable disease, Jesus did great job.

Childhood life of Jesus was just like all other ordinary children. But there was a difference as he spent time with elderly religious and mystical people. He learnt lots of things from those mystical people. It was seen that Jesus spent time with religious scholars and other mystical people to gain wisdom and knowledge about the origin of the world.

Who Crucified Jesus Christ?

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of Jesus is that he was crucified for people. When he started guiding people about the Kingdom of God, he became very popular. Having seen the growing popularity of Jesus, the then Roman king decided to stop him from becoming popular among masses.

However, during early days of his religious teachings, roman king and other authorities didn’t have any objection, but when followers of Jesus started calling him Son of God, Roman king got suspicious. So, he ordered to arrest him. When Jesus was arrested and presented in front of the roman king, he was ordered to deny his claim of being the son of God. But Jesus denied following the order of the king.

So, Jews along with roman authorities decided to crucify him. That’s why they crucified Jesus along with two thieves. Jesus Christ was actually crucified by Roman King supported by Jews. The main reason behind the crucifying JESUS is to stop his influence among the masses.

Life Achievements of Jesus Christ

When you start reading the biography of Jesus Christ, you would surely like to know about his life achievements. The key achievement of Christ was that he let people know about the actual Kingdom of God. He claimed to be the real son of God. Whether it’s symbolic or otherwise, but authorities and roman king denied his claim of being a son of God.

Jesus did lots of miracles during his early and later life. Even when he was crucified, he came into existence again after three days. Later he preached his followers on the 40 days of his crucification. He claimed that he would come back again as a Messiah to save the world. Followers of Christianity, Islam and Judaism still believe this fact.

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