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Shahrukh Khan is famous for his acting. That’s why he is called King of Bollywood. But here, you need to know that his son Aryan Khan is famous too. The reason nowadays is different. Actually, Aryan Khan was caught in a drug case. Sameer Wankhede caught the son of Bollywood king in a drug case.

Obviously, you would like to know about the biography of Aryan Khan, Aryan Khan Age, height, lifestyle, friends, and career. Here, you are going to grab complete information about biography of Aryan Khan, Shahrukh Khan Sons age and many more.

Aryan Khan Biography

Aryan Khan is the eldest son of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Being a star kid, he always had to face difficulties. There was a time when he got famous just because of his MMS scandal with Navya Navel who is a daughter of Shweta Bachchan (daughter of Amitabh Bachchan).

But these days, Aryan Khan is famous for being caught in a drug case. Aryan always shares photos of parties with friends. This time, he was on a cruise party. But Sameer Wankhede caught him in a drug case. There are lots of controversies associated with him. Actually, he is a son of Bollywood king, so, everyone wants to get something out of his fame.

Aryan Khan Age

In the year of 1997, Aryan Khan was born to Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan. He is the eldest child of Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan. When it comes to calculating his age, you can know his actual birth date. Actually, according to Wikipedia page of Aryan Khan, he was born in the year of 1997.

Aryan Khan Career

However, Aryan khan has not yet started his career in bollywood, but there are a few movies where he performed as a child artist. Some of his movies are Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, kabhi alvida na kehna and hum hain lajawaab. Apart from performing as a child artist, Aryan Khan has also dubbed a few movies. He even got the best dubbing child artist award for his performance in a movie.

Who Are the Friends of Aryan Khan?

When it comes to reading Aryan Khan biography, you would surely like to know about his friends and love affairs. Actually, there is no official confirmation regarding his love affairs or relationship. Actually, there was a time when people assumed that Navya Naveli is his girlfriend, but later families of both celebrity kids deny the fact.

When you decide to evaluate the love factor in the biography of Aryan Khan, you will find nothing official. It means that there is no official confirmation available regarding his love affairs. But still there are rumors that Navya Naveli is his actual girlfriend. There is no confirmation regarding his relationship with Navya Naveli. So, it’s really difficult to say that Navya Naveli is girlfriend of Aryan Khan.

However, there is no official confirmation available regarding the girlfriends, love affairs and personal relationship of Aryan Khan, but there are a few confirmed friends of him. Some of his friends are Ananya Pandey, Navya Naveli and Newphew of Chunkey Pandey. Apart from these friends, there are various other friends of Aryan Khan. But those friends live overseas.

Lifestyle of Aryan Khan

Whether is about knowing Shahrukh Khan sons age or relationship, fans want to know everything about him. This is the main point why people want to learn about the lifestyle of Aryan Khan. Here, in this section, you are going to know the lifestyle of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood King.

Actually, Aryan Khan enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Whatever he does is just a dream for most of the younger people on this earth planet. He has everything that a successful persona can even imagine about. Whether it is about car collection of Aryan Khan or his monthly expenses on his friends, fans get surprised on everything.

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is known for his lifestyle. He follows western outlook like his father. He doesn’t participate in traditional activities whether religious or cultural. Instead, he participates in all European and western festivals and events. Obviously, modern youth want to make him as their idol. That’s why they want to know about the lifestyle of Aryan Khan.

Aryan Khan enjoys a luxury life, which is certainly not possible for rich kids. The best thing about the lifestyle of Aryan Khan is that he never and ever tried to show off his wealth. According to his father, Aryan always tries to be a humble so that he can understand the thinking of common men.

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